Runningwood Estate Retreat Sonoma


Runningwood is available to rent for your events such as weddings, reunions, or other important affairs. The fees for events are listed in the table below.

0 to 50 People $5000.00 Event Fee, $1500.00 Additional Deposit
51 to 100 People $8250.00 Event Fee, $2000.00 Additional Deposit

All events must be approved beforehand as the property may require advance preparation. To reserve the dates for your event pay the nonrefundable deposit online. To do so, start by checking the availability. Be sure to also review our event policies.

There are multiple places to have your activities at Runningwood. Near the entrance of the house on the flag stoned patio there is space for a small collection of people or entertainers between the trellis and lions head fountain. More space can be found on the other side of the house by the pool, hot tub and pond. Both upper and lower pool patios as well as the expansive flag stone patio enjoy a fantastic view of the Town of Sonoma and the Sonoma Valley. Another place of significant size and a fantastic view is the flattened lot adjacent to the house. It is undeveloped and can be explored for the more creative and demanding events.

Although every event is unique with different requirements, it is believed that the property is best suited for event sizes up to approximately 100 guests. Samples of seating layout charts are are provided in the links below as a guide for planning.

Some Helpful Documents

General Runningwood Layout
Pool Patio Dimensions
Sample Seating Chart: 128 Guests
Lion Patio Dimensions
Sample Seating Chart: 66 Guests

Read our event policies.