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Requirements, Policies and Procedures

All events and the individual(s) and/or organizations(s) that contract those events ("Hosts") held at RUNNINGWOOD are subject to the following terms and conditions:

Definition of Event

An EVENT is defined as a gathering of nine (9) or more individuals including all guests, visitors and any hired staff on the property at any given time. Although the house sleeps six people comfortably, the property may accomodate more people with advanced facility preparation and must be maintained adequately for groups of 9 or more people.

Definition of Host

The HOST is the responsible party contracted with Runningwood to lease the property during a period of which an event may occurr.


Only responsible legal drinking of alcoholic beverages by persons 21 and older should be allowed. Use extra caution when drinking and using the pool or spa.

Beginning and Ending Times

The starting and ending times for events will be clearly outlined in all contracts so as to best meet the expectations of event hosts and their guests. Over-time fees will be applied at the rate of $450 per hour for every hourly increment beyond the contracted period. Please note that overtime may not always be available should we have other events scheduled immediately following yours.


A cancelation will forfeit any fees paid up until that point, with forgiveness of any remaining fees that are not otherwise contractually obligated.


We have no restrictive policy in place controlling your choice of caterers. We do like to meet them, and require the opportunity to demonstrate any specifics that pertain to this property, garbage disposal, clean-up protocol, etc..


Hosts are ultimately responsible for the well-being of all those invited to the site, especially children. Runningwood assumes no responsibility or liability for children attending events at Runningwood. All children under 16 must be under adult supervision at all times.


Please communicate with us 6 weeks prior to your scheduled event, advising us of any changes in venue, number of guests, caterer arrival times, etc.

Deposits and Payments

A nonrefundable deposit is required to hold reservations and may be paid online with a credit or debit card at

up to 50 people $5000.00 Event Fee, $1500.00 Additional Deposit
51 to 100 people $8250.00 Event Fee, $2000.00 Additional Deposit

This deposit amount will be applied towards extra expenses incurred at Runningwood (i.e. Utilities, Extra Cleaning Fees, and Damages) as applicable. The deposit is non-refundable, & non-transferable in the case of unexpected or last-minute cancellations. However, any unused portions are returned to the originating party within 6 weeks of the event.

The rental fee is due 6 weeks prior to your event. A final itemized statement will be provided within 6 weeks of the event's conclusion.

Event Duration

Unless otherwise contracted, events shall be limited to 6 hours in duration. Overtime rates will apply thereafter.

Event Size

Runningwood can accomodate up to 100 people maximum. For larger events, please inquire with specific details.


All guests must abide by venue rules and regulations, including not venturing off of the pavers/flagstone patio areas without an authorized Runningwood representative present as at all times. Runningwood is located in the arid, east-side Sonoma Hills; we share the property with some Birds (Turkey Vultures, Hawks, quail & eagles), Reptiles (Miscellaneous snakes, some rattlesnakes & lizards), and certain Mammals (Bobcats, coyotes, foxes & an occasional mountain lion). As such, there exist certain dangers inherent to many of these animals, and we always recommend to err on the side of caution should your guests ever encounter these inhabitants. Runningwood, its' employees & agents shall not be held responsible for any injuries sustained while the Host's guests or agents are on the property.


The Host(s) shall conduct the event in an orderly manner and in compliance with applicable laws as well as venue policies. The Host(s) hereby indemnifies and holds harmless Runningwood, its' employees or agents & Rudolf V. Isch against any claims, liabilities and costs arising out of, or connected with the event or this agreement, caused or contributed to by the negligence of the Host(s), guests, agents or contractors hired by the Host.

Insurance Policy (Special Event)

One must obtain insurance coverage specific to your event; it should extend to include coverage for any damages sustained by the residence/property. The insurance should extend coverage to any groups/individuals involved with the event (Both employees & guests). The insurance should have Rudolf Isch listed as beneficiary to any policy benefits, not Runningwood. Evidence of said insurance should be forwarded to Runningwood within one month of confirming the reservation. The minimum insurance requirements are:

General Liability$1,000,000 per occurrence
General Aggregate$2,000,000
Personal Injury$1,000,000
Fire Damage$500,000
Liquor Liability$1,000,000

Law Enforcement

The hosts are responsible for any non-compliance issues applicable to local laws.

Lost and Found

Runningwood, its employees & agents cannot be responsible for personal belongings of guests, nor items provided by a vendor. However, we will always make a good-faith effort to locate and return to the owner any items we may find.

Music Playing

In compliance with the Sonoma County Noise Ordinance, NO outdoors amplified music (Other than the residence Stereo system) is permitted. As a courtesy to our neighbors in the Sonoma Valley, outside music is not permitted after 10:00 PM. Some neighbors may be more tolerant on the weekends. Please practice good judgement.


Runningwood reserves the right to provide an agent to oversee the event's activities.

Performance Guarantee

Runningwood will strive to provide all goods/services as contracted. However, Runningwood cannot be held liable for limited or interfered performance due to "Acts of God", labor disputes, governmental regulations, or acts, restriction upon Weather, travel/transportation, or other such causes beyond Runningwood's reasonable control.


Photographs taken in, or anywhere at Runningwood is the exclusive privilege of Runningwood's guests hosting said event. Photographs may not be sold or used in any advertisements without the written consent of Runningwood's authorized agent. Photographs may not be used for any commercial purposes without advanced permission in writing from Runningwood.


Rates and prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed until a written, signed contract has been affected. A computer confirmation of payment fulfills those requirements.


As with all Sonoma East side properties, Runningwood does not have access to a municipal sewer system. Instead, we have a septic system onsite which handles the bulk of potable waste. Sonoma County Environmental Health gives our system an allowance of 1.5 doses/day (1 dose= 200 gallons). Any usage beyond that allowance is charged at 40.00 per dose. For events, the septic lines are purged by our septic service prior to events to accommodate the significant overuse. This replaces the need to rent and manage portable toilets for your event. Some large events may still require portable toilets. There is a fee of $757 for purging the septic lines and will be applied as a utility charge after checkout.

In rare circumstances, discovery of non-biodegradable items introduced will necessitate pumping of the holding tank incuring additional charges. Household waste should be placed in the garage waste container. Never store/leave garbage outside! Excessive amounts of garbage may necessitate disposal at the local dump, and incur additional charges.

Spa & Pool

Standard pool safety applies at all times. Jumping, cannonballs, etc into pool are strongly discouraged. Running around the pool is not allowed as surfaces tend to be more slippery when wet. Avoid using glass containers in and around the pool/spa. Children must be supervised at all times in and around the pool. Normal levels of chlorine and other common pool chemicals are present in the water. When lightning is present, do not go in water. Although the automatic pool cover can help reduce 'heat loss' in the pool, the consumption of propane required to heat the pool can be significant and result in additional utility charges.


Sonoma County Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) is 9 percent.

Utility Charge

Utility meter readings are recorded at Checkin and at Checkout. All utility useage is charged at the rates posted below. There are no allowances.
Electric $0.50 per kW*hr
Water $0.0120 per gallon
Septic $40.00 per dose
Propane $4.00 per gallon

Valet Service

Parking is a premium on Sonoma's Eastside. Local Fire Department ordinances dictate hosted events provide shuttle or valet services for their guests/employees. This ensures our drive remains clear at all times for emergency vehicles. We require one valet attendant per 30 persons. We will park as many vehicles on-site as possible. The cost is $40.00 per hour per attendant, with a 4-hour minimum. Any additional parking costs incurred are the responsibility of the event Host(s).


Cannot be predicted/guaranteed; events cannot be cancelled or rescheduled due to temperature, winds or precipitation. Should the climate become intolerable, on request we will use our best efforts to assist the Host(s) in obtaining temporary tenting for their event. The provision of temporary tenting is always subject to availability, and the Host(s) will be responsible for any/all additional charges incurred.

Revised May 4, 2016
Revised Oct 8, 2012

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